On D3, GE went 3D.

3D Printing is changing the way GE works, so we gave it it's own holiday on December 3rd, 2013. We celebrated by designing and printing custom holiday gifts for our fans all day. From prototypes to prints, see how it all came to life below.

      Mars is red.
      Natural gas burns blue.

      We’re 3D-printing Valentine’s Day gifts just for you!

      For a chance to have one sent to you or your significant other in time for Valentine’s Day, just send us your geekiest love poem: 


This is a 3D-printed jet engine…in 3D.

It was 3D-printed using ‘direct metal laser melting.’

Want to print your own custom gifts from 3D Printing Day? Download them all on GE’s Thingiverse page here: invent.ge/3DCAD

GE is reimagining manufacturing with 3D printed parts, spray-on metals and space age materials. Learn more here: http://invent.ge/advmfg

GE and GrabCad challenged the maker community to redesign our jet engine bracket. We’ll be discussing how 700 entries turned into one winner in our 3D Printing Design Quest this Friday at 11:30AM EST. Learn more here: invent.ge/1e17jkX

Time-lapse of @stacylondon’s Cat Charm being 3D-printed on a 3D Systems Cube.

@alexlo320’s Horse Keychain

@pcon’s Baseball Charm

@NYC_Allie’s Cordies